International Collaborations

SAIF MF is committed to building strong international relationships and making international experience part of your study experiences.  Below is a list of schools and programs we have partnerships with. Students can customize your MF experiences by joining a dual-degree program (application needed) and take advantage of resources from both schools.


SAIF &  Columbia collaboration  is a dual admission program between SAIF and Columbia University. There are five dual master's degree programs available: 
 • MS in Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)
 • MS in Business Analytics (MSBA)
 • MS in Financial Engineering (MSFE)
 • MS in Operations Research (MSOR)
 • MS in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) ​
SAIF & UC Berkeley collaboration  is a dual admission program between SAIF and the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley).  

MF students may apply to:
 • Master of Financial Engineering
SAIF & LSE collaboration is a dual admission program between SAIF and Department of Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

MF students may apply to:
 • MS in Risk and Finance ​

*A separate application to dual admissions program will be needed after MF enrollment, and admission decisions to the abovementioned programs are not guranteed.