We take pride in the continued interest of top-tier companies in hiring our students, and we are sincerely grateful for their ongoing support. In order to optimize your talent acquisition outcomes, CDC offers a range of activities including industry sharing sessions, recruitment presentations, workshops and treks, aimed at introducing recruiters to new talent. Through these engagements, companies not only enhance their visibility and brand presence within our school but also have the opportunity to discover interns, recent graduates and even individuals with substantial industry experience. We warmly invite you to explore a partnership with us and tap into the wealth of talent that our institution has to offer!

From The Academic Director

Dear Corporate Recruiters,

Thank you for interest in our Master of Finance (MF) and our MBA programs.

Our Master of Finance (MF) program has been recognized as the top program in Asia with a diverse mix of top-tier talent from China and across the globe. The program is bifurcated into two specialized tracks: MF General and MF FinTech. Our MF program curriculum is not only rigorous and up-to-date but also designed to arm students with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-evolving finance landscape. For instance, our MF FinTech track includes a unique sequence of three courses focused on machine learning and its applications in finance.

Our MBA is the largest academic program at SAIF with students from different background with good work experience already. They have been taking courses offered by experienced practitioners as well as leading academic professors. Practitioners bring with them the real-world applications and practical insights while academic professors emphasize foundations and principles in modern finance.

We are confident that both our MF and MBA students would bring immense value to your organization, and we look forward to exploring potential collaborations.



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