Latest Publications

1. Xin Chen, Qizhi Dai, and Chaohong Na, 2023, How Finance Shared Services Affect Profitability: An IT Business Value Perspective, Information Technology & Management

2. Tao, Xuan, Andrew Day, Lan Ling, and Samuel Drapeau, 2022, On Detecting Spoofing Strategies in High Frequency Trading, Quantitative Finance

3. 许多奇, 2022, 治理跨境数据流动的贸易规则体系构建, 行政法学研究

4. Bi, Xuan, Gediminas Adomavicius, William Li, and Annie Qu, 2022, Improving Sales Forecasting Accuracy: A Tensor Factorization Approach with Demand Awareness, Informs Journal on Computing

5. Harvey, Campbell R., and Yan Liu, 2022, Luck versus Skill in the Cross-Section of Mutual Fund Returns: Reexamining the Evidence, The Journal of Finance

6. Jingchi Liao, Cameron Peng, Ning Zhu, 2022, Extrapolative Bubbles and Trading Volume, The Review of Financial Studies

7. 袁先智,周云鹏,严诚幸,刘海洋,钱国骐,王帆,韦立坚,李志勇,李波, 李祥林,曾途, 2022, 财务欺诈风险特征筛选框架的建立和应用, 中国管理科学

8. 许多奇, 2022, 重释税收法定主义——以《海南自由贸易港法》颁布为契机, 法学论坛

9. Kan, Raymond, Xiaolu Wang, and Guofu Zhou, 2022, Optimal Portfolio Choice with Estimation Risk: No Risk-free Asset Case, Management Science

10. Jiang, George J.,Bing Liang, and Huacheng Zhang, 2022, Hedge Fund Manager Skills and Style-Shifting, Management Science