With a vision to establish top-tier career services adhering to international standards and leveraging our strengths within China, SAIF CDC is committed to empowering students to realize their full potential and pursue careers that ignite their passion, energy, and fulfillment. Our focus lies in assisting students in identifying their career aspirations, honing interview skills, and securing fulfilling employment opportunities.


SAIF CDC has forged enduring partnerships with key players in the finance sector, ensuring optimal outcomes in talent acquisition. We provide comprehensive on-campus recruitment services to employers, enabling them to engage with promising candidates at an early stage. Additionally, industry professionals are regularly invited to campus to deliver talks and workshops, offering valuable insights and firsthand experiences from various segments of the finance industry.


Our CDC team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse international and local backgrounds. We remain attuned to global industry dynamics and maintain robust networks with leading finance organizations, facilitating access to a myriad of internship and job prospects for students. Through personalized guidance and skill development, we assist students in recognizing their strengths and enhancing their soft skills. With our expertise in career counseling and job search strategies, we ensure students are well-equipped to navigate the competitive job market with confidence.


SAIF CDC Services

1. Counseling & Coaching & Advisory

CDC delivers tailored career services, including counseling, coaching, and advisory sessions, to assist students in uncovering their potential, leveraging their competitive edge, and refining their professional skills. Whether students are exploring career paths, seeking internships, refining their resumes, preparing for interviews, or seeking guidance on achieving their goals at different stages, CDC's career consultants always stand ready to provide assistance.


2. CPTP series

The Career Practical Training Program (CPTP) is crafted to foster students' capabilities and facilitate individual growth. Covering aspects from networking to presentation skills and professional etiquette in the workplace, this program effectively facilitates the integration of theory and practical knowledge, equipping students with the acumen needed to thrive in real-world business environments.


3. Events


Throughout the journey at SAIF, CDC organizes a diverse array of activities to bridge the gap between academia and industry, professionals and students, as well as alumni and current students. These events broaden students' horizons and cultivate their professional acumen, positioning them at the forefront of industry.