Alumni Services

As a SAIF alumni, you will have the privilege of enjoying the following services:

Invitation to events

● Conferences, forums and ceremonies organized by school

● Forums, speeches, seminars, tournaments and parties by the alumni association and its affiliated clubs

Alumni Homecoming Day
News Update

● SAIF updated information

● Alumni events, news

Please follow the WeChat Official Account of the SAIF Alumni Association to learn more about SAIFer

Life-long Learning Opportunities

● Programs exclusively for alumni

● Forums, conferences, seminars, and speeches delivered by business elites

To learn more about lifelong learning, please follow the WeChat channel of the SAIF Alumni Association.

Online Alumni Community

● SAIFer applet

● Alumni directory search

● Lifelong alumni email

● Personal profile on-line update

Contact Us


Wechat: saifgaojinjin