Industry Connections and Activities

SAIF's diverse portfolio of industry connections and partnerships serves as a unique resource that benefits the students in career guidance, learning, and development of soft skills.

PAE Program

PAE stands for Program Advisor Expert. The PAE was launched in 2017 and has been run successfully by the SAIF MBA program for three years. The program is open to all SAIF current students and aims to enhance the students with self-awareness and self-development in work and life. There are close to 200 PAEs at the current 3rd batch, consisting of senior executives and middle-level managers/directors at China-based companies with a concentration in finance industry. With an average more than 15 years of professional experiences, PAEs provide insights into professional development paths and the industry. More importantly, they instill positive values in the students and inspire the students to become well-rounded future leaders.

The financial industry is facing with inspiring artificial intelligence challenge and data processing is more important than ever before. Look forward to SAIF’s student riding on this huge tide and play an important role in financial industry reform. 

—— by Mr. Hiroki Miyazato,

Founder, Sunrise Oriental Capital