Latest Publications

1. 董兵兵,徐慧伦,谭小芬, 2021, 货币政策能够兼顾稳增长与防风险吗?, 金融研究

2. Song, Jing-Sheng, and Zhengliang Xue, 2021, Demand shaping through bundling and product configuration: a dynamic multiproduct inventory-pricing model, Operations Research

3. Hou, Kewei, Po-Hsuan Hsu, Shiheng Wang, Akiko Watanabe, and Yan Xu, 2021, Corporate R&D and Stock Returns: International Evidence, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

4. Chen, Boxiao, Xiuli Chao, and Cong Shi, 2021, Nonparametric Learning Algorithms for Joint Pricing and Inventory Control with Lost Sales and Censored Demand, Mathematics of Operations Research

5. R. Fisman, H. Lin, C. Sun, Yongxiang Wang, and D. Zhao, 2021, What motivates non-democratic leadership: Evidence from COVID-19 reopenings in China, Journal of Public Economics

6. Huang, Kevin X. D., Zhe Li, and Jianfei Sun, 2021, Lending Competition and Loan Sales: A Macroeconomic Analysis under Directed Search, Economic Inquiry

7. Zheng Liu, Pengfei Wang, and Zhiwei Xu, 2021, Interest Rate Liberalization and Capital Misallocations, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

8. 袁先智,狄岚,李祥林,郭铁信,李波,Guoqi QIAN,张千友,严诚幸,刘海洋,吴桐,曾途,周云鹏, 2021, 在大数据框架下基于吉布斯抽样的随机搜索方法在金融风险特征提取中的应用, 计量经济学报

9. Deuskar, Prachi, Deng Pan, Fei Wu, and Hongfeng Zhou, 2021, How does Regret Affect Investor Behaviour? Evidence from Chinese Stock Markets, Accounting and Finance

10. 朱克江, 2021, 新格局下我国保险业高质量发展的思考(下), 金融博览