Latest Publications

1. 袁先智,狄岚,李祥林,郭铁信,李波,Guoqi QIAN,张千友,严诚幸,刘海洋,吴桐,曾途,周云鹏, 2021, 在大数据框架下基于吉布斯抽样的随机搜索方法在金融风险特征提取中的应用, 计量经济学报

2. Deuskar, Prachi, Deng Pan, Fei Wu, and Hongfeng Zhou, 2021, How does Regret Affect Investor Behaviour? Evidence from Chinese Stock Markets, Accounting and Finance

3. 朱克江, 2021, 新格局下我国保险业高质量发展的思考(下), 金融博览

4. Zhi Da, Lawrence Jin, and Xing Huang, 2021, Extrapolative Beliefs in the Cross-section: What Can We Learn from the Crowds, Journal of Financial Economics

5. Xin, Chen, and Yang Chang, 2021, Vertical Interlock and the Value of Cash Holdings, Accounting and Finance

6. Mahyar Effekhar, Jing-Sheng Song, Scott Webster, 2021, Prepositioning and local purchasing for emergency operations under budget, demand, and supply uncertain, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

7. Miao, Sentao, and Xiuli Chao, 2021, Dynamic Joint Assortment and Pricing Optimization with Demand Learning, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

8. Zhou, Zhengyi, Hong Chen, Lu Han, and Anming Zhang, 2021, The Effect of a Subway on House Prices: Evidence from Shanghai, Real Estate Economics

9. Conghui Hu, Yu-Jane Liu, Ning Zhu, 2021, Deleveraging Commonality, Journal of Financial Markets

10. Garvey, Ryan, Tao Huang, and Fei Wu, 2021, Is Faster or Slower Trading Better? An Examination of Order Type Execution Speed and Costs, European Financial Management