Latest Publications

1. Song, Jing-Sheng, Li Xiao, Hanqin Zhang, and Paul Zipkin, 2021, Smart policies for multi-source inventory systems and general tandem queues with order tracking and expediting, Operations Research

2. Hsihui Chang, Xin Chen, C.S. Agnes Cheng, Nan Zhou, 2021, Certification of Audit Committee Effectiveness: Evidence from a One-Time Regulatory Event in China, Journal of International Accounting Research

3. Feng, Zifeng, and Peng Liu, 2021, Introducing “Focused Firms”: Implications from REIT Prime Operating Revenue, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

4. A. V. Chari, E. Liu, S. Wang and Y.Wang, 2021, Property Rights, Land Misallocation, and Agricultural Efficiency in China, The Review of Economic Studies

5. Chu, Jian; Fisman, Raymond; Tan, Songtao; Wang, Yongxiang, 2021, Hometown Ties and the Quality of Government Monitoring: Evidence from Rotation of Chinese Auditors, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

6. Giglio, Stefano, and Dacheng Xiu, 2021, Asset Pricing with Omitted Factors, Journal of Political Economy

7. Giannetti, Mariassunta, and Xiaoyun Yu, 2021, Adapting to Radical Change: The Benefits of Short-Horizon Investors, Management Science

8. Grace Xing Hu, Jun Pan, Jiang Wang, 2021, Chinese Capital Market: An Empirical Overview, Critical Finance Review

9. Gu, Shihao, Bryan Kelly, and Dacheng Xiu, 2021, Autoencoder Asset Pricing Models, Journal of Econometrics

10. Lu, Deng, Mingqing Liao, Rui Luo, Jianfei Sun, and Chen Xu, 2021, Does Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce Share Price Premium? Evidence from China's A- and H-Shares, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal