Latest Publications

1. Liu, Peng, Zhigang Qiu and David Xiaoyun Xu, 2021, Financial investments and commodity prices, International Review of Finance

2. 许多奇,王沛然, 2021, 货币法偿性制度的历史“原罪”与现实转向, 政法论丛

3. Wang, Tracy Yue, and Andrew Winton, 2021, Industry informational interactions and corporate fraud, Journal of Corporate Finance

4. Chen, Yong, Bing Han, and Jing Pan, 2021, Sentiment Trading and Hedge Fund Returns , The Journal of Finance

5. Chen, Qi, Z. Huang, X. Jiang, G. Zhang, and Y. Zhang, 2021, Asymmetric Reporting Timeliness and Informational Feedback, Management Science

6. Chen, Hong, Tan Wang, and David D. Yao, 2021, Financial Network and Systemic Risk-A Dynamic Model, Production and Operations Management

7. Xu, Zhengtian, Yafeng Yin, Xiuli Chao, Hongtu Zhu, and Jieping Ye, 2021, A generalized fluid model of ride-hailing systems, Transportation Research Part B-Methodological

8. Song, Jing-Sheng, Li Xiao, Hanqin Zhang, and Paul Zipkin, 2021, Smart policies for multi-source inventory systems and general tandem queues with order tracking and expediting, Operations Research

9. Hsihui Chang, Xin Chen, C.S. Agnes Cheng, Nan Zhou, 2021, Certification of Audit Committee Effectiveness: Evidence from a One-Time Regulatory Event in China, Journal of International Accounting Research

10. Feng, Zifeng, and Peng Liu, 2021, Introducing “Focused Firms”: Implications from REIT Prime Operating Revenue, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics