Latest Publications

1. Mark J. Flannery, Claire Yurong Hong, and Baolian Wang, 2022, The Effect of a Government Reference Bond on Corporate Borrowing Costs: Evidence from a Natural Experiment, Management Science

2. 张春, 2022, 人民币离岸金融体系建设的发展思路, 金融博览

3. 吴飞, 2022, 从美国经验看我国财富管理的前景与挑战, 中国外汇

4. Huang, Yu, Nengjiu Ju, and Hao Xing, 2022, Performance Evaluation, Managerial Hedging, and Contract Termination, Management Science

5. 张春,蒋一乐,刘郭方, 2022, 中国资本账户开放和人民币国际化的新路径:境内人民币离岸金融体系建设, 国际经济评论

6. Bartl, Daniel, Samuel Drapeau, Jan Obloj, and Johannes Wiesel, 2021, Sensitivity Analysis of Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Optimization Problems, Proceedings of the Royal Society A-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences

7. Liu, Yan, and Jing Cynthia Wu, 2021, Reconstructing the Yield Curve, Journal of Financial Economics

8. Xiao, Ping, Xinlei Chen, Yuxin Chen, and Wei Lu, 2021, Violation behavior in vertical restraint: Empirical analyses in the case of retail price maintenance, International Journal of Research in Marketing

9. 许多奇, 2021, 论网络平台数据治理的私权逻辑与公权干预, 人民论坛·学术前沿

10. Da, Rui, and Dacheng Xiu, 2021, When Moving-Average Models Meet High-Frequency Data: Uniform Inference on Volatility, Econometrica