Latest Publications

1. 许多奇, 2021, 论网络平台数据治理的私权逻辑与公权干预, 人民论坛·学术前沿

2. Da, Rui, and Dacheng Xiu, 2021, When Moving-Average Models Meet High-Frequency Data: Uniform Inference on Volatility, Econometrica

3. Li, Jennifer(Jie), Massimo Massa, Hong Zhang, and Jian Zhang, 2021, Air Pollution, Behavioral Bias, and the Disposition Effect in China, Journal of Financial Economics

4. Zhou, Qi, William Li, and Hongquan Xu, 2021, Utilizing Individual Clear Effects for Intelligent Factor Allocations and Design Selections, Journal of Quality Technology

5. Yin, Liming, and Samuel Drapeau, 2021, q-Moment Estimates for the Singular p-Laplace Equation and Applications, Nonlinear Analysis-Theory Methods & Applications

6. Frank, Murray Zed, and Ali Sanati, 2021, Financing Corporate Growth, The Review of Financial Studies

7. Baltussen, Guido, Zhi Da, Sten Lammers, and Martin Martens, 2021, Hedging Demand and Market Intraday Momentum, Journal of Financial Economics

8. Yang, Chang, Xin Chen and Xian Chen, 2021, Vertical interlock and stock price crash risk, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal

9. 朱克江, 2021, 静水流深酝酿未来-知识产权(IP)金融畅通发展"血脉", 金融博览

10. Drapeau, Samuel, Peng Luo, Alexander Schied and Dewen Xiong, 2021, An FBSDE approach to market impact games with stochastic parameters, Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk