Latest Publications

1. Bartram, Söhnke M, Kewei Hou, and Sehoon Kim, 2022, Real effects of climate policy: Financial constraints and spillovers, Journal of Financial Economics

2. Liao, Guanmin, Mark Ma, and Xiaoyun Yu, 2022, Transporting transparency: Director foreign experience and corporate information environment, Journal of International Business Studies

3. Chen, Hong, and Murray Z Frank, 2022, The Effect of Taxation on Corporate Financing and Investment, Review of Corporate Finance Studies

4. Jordi Mondria, Xavier Vives, Liyan Yang, 2022, Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices , Management Science

5. Huang, Tao, Junye Li, Fei Wu and Ning Zhu, 2022, R&D information quality and stock returns, Journal of Financial Markets

6. Chui, Andy C. W., Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, and Sheridan Titman, 2022, Momentum, Reversals, and Investor Clientele, Review of Finance

7. Miao, Sentao, Stefanus Jasin, and Xiuli Chao, 2022, Asymptotically Optimal Lagrangian Policies for Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Store Systems with Lost Sales, Operations Research

8. Chi, Yeguang, Jingbin He, Fei Wu, and Bijiao Yi,, 2022, Optimal Information Production of Mutual Funds: Evidence from China, Journal of Banking & Finance

9. Dong, Bingbing, Lei Jiang, Jinyu Liu, and Yifeng Zhu, 2022, Liquidity in the cryptocurrency market and commonalities across anomalies, International Review of Financial Analysis

10. Huafeng (Jason) Chen, Jason V Chen, Feng Li, Pengfei Li, 2022, Measuring Operating Leverage, Review of Asset Pricing Studies