Latest Publications

1. Kan, Raymond, Xiaolu Wang, and Guofu Zhou, 2022, Optimal Portfolio Choice with Estimation Risk: No Risk-free Asset Case, Management Science

2. Jiang, George J.,Bing Liang, and Huacheng Zhang, 2022, Hedge Fund Manager Skills and Style-Shifting, Management Science

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5. Bartram, Söhnke M, Kewei Hou, and Sehoon Kim, 2022, Real effects of climate policy: Financial constraints and spillovers, Journal of Financial Economics

6. 刘佳欣,陈欣, 2022, IPO中断有害吗?延迟上市对公司绩效的影响, 上海管理科学

7. Liao, Guanmin, Mark Ma, and Xiaoyun Yu, 2022, Transporting transparency: Director foreign experience and corporate information environment, Journal of International Business Studies

8. Chen, Hong, and Murray Z Frank, 2022, The Effect of Taxation on Corporate Financing and Investment, Review of Corporate Finance Studies

9. Jordi Mondria, Xavier Vives, Liyan Yang, 2022, Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices , Management Science

10. Huang, Tao, Junye Li, Fei Wu and Ning Zhu, 2022, R&D information quality and stock returns, Journal of Financial Markets