Shanghai International Financial Center Construction Series Report 2022

Author: The SAIF ThinkTank project team of the Shanghai International Financial Center Construction Series Report Publication Year: 2023-10

With the aim of building itself into an international financial center with global influence by 2035, Shanghai is making great efforts to tackle new challenges and further enhance its financial capacities. Against this backdrop, the report presents the results of in-depth research from multiple perspectives, including green finance (published separately), sci-tech innovation finance, fintech, asset management, the cross-border use of RMB, financial opening-up in the Pudong Pioneering Zone, and integrated financial development in the Yangtze River Delta region. The report also consists of suggestions and prospects on improving financial functions and urban capacities, contributing to Shanghai’s further development as an international financial center. It is an insightful reference for economic and financial researchers, government officials and corporate managers.

ESG Finance in the New Era

Author: CHIU Tzu-Kuan Publication Year: 2021-11

This publication provides an in-depth examination of the current state and future prospects of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in both domestic and global markets. The first section serves as an Introduction, defining and establishing the framework for ESG Practice and ESG Investment. The second section delves into ESG Practice, providing an analysis of related topics such as the foundation of management economics, industry variances, and performance disclosure through real-world corporate case studies. The third section focuses on ESG Investment, exploring investment strategies, products, financial returns, and investment motivations based on observations of both domestic and international market developments. The fourth section covers ESG Data and Performance Evaluation, discussing relevant data sources, investor responses, and product performance disclosure based on the latest advancements in the field. The fifth and final section is dedicated to ESG in China, focusing on the domestic market and exploring issues such as retail investors, investor composition, excess returns, and carbon neutrality targets.

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