SAIF-Wharton Advanced Finance Program

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In the year of 2020, let’s connect to the world through knowledge. Join two world-leading business schools once off today!


Sound financial knowledge with global landscape is critical to business success. Today’s fast-paced business environment demands a dynamic blend of finance expertise, strategic thinking and a highly practical approach. At present, in the complexity of worldwide economy and finance, while China’s economy is stepping into a stage of new normal featuring growth slowdown and structural transformation, how to build up a more stable and matured financial structure so that it serves the recovering momentum and sustainable development of an organization is a vital and urgent topic.

Both world-renowned business schools, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) and Wharton School share their international vision and focus on financial market, while featuring respective strengths in academic research and market practices. This win-win alliance is complementary. Through our synergy and collaboration, the inaugural SAIF-Wharton Advanced Finance Program in the upcoming June will play an important window for executives to master a wide range of financial tools and fill crucial gaps in knowledge with our finance courses and increase confidence in using financial frameworks while making strategic decisions. It also serves as a key platform for our audience to participate in the development of the worldwide financial market and to validate their experience with the lowest costs, both in time and financially. Upon completion of SAIF-Wharton AFP Program, dual alumni statues are achieved. This allows access to a global network of 100,000+ alumni that facilitate lifelong widespread exchange opportunities between Chinese executives and the international peers.


Through the Wharton-SAIF Advanced Finance Program, you will:

  • Integrate two of the world's renowned finance schools with our top-class faculty and star finance and management courses.
  • Upon completion of the program, a dual SAIF and Wharton alumni status will be granted, becoming part of a global network of 100,000+ alumni.
  • SAIF-Wharton AFP Program engages in specific and in-depth explorations on the reform of financial framework, academic research and market practices.
  • Efficiently access to the world's latest finance research and techniques with the lowest time and opportunity costs.


Program Start: June 2020
Duration: 18 Months
Offering Locations: Philadelphia & San Francisco in USA; and Beijing, Shanghai & Shenzhen in China

12 days at the Wharton School’s Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses

15 days at the Penn Wharton China Center (Beijing) and Shanghai. 

20 days at SAIF Campuses in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.


The Financial System & The Chinese Market

Focusing on the macro aspect and core issues in the global financial system, connecting with the micro foundation of institutions and markets in the global financial system, and analyzing the economic & financial cycles and the formation mechanism of financial crisis. It summarizes and reveals some special rules of the Chinese financial market for participants, while combining specific analysis of the Chinese market and financial products. It aims to shape the logic of economic and financial analysis and to enhance their ability of strategic investment decision-making.

Capital Market & Risk Management

Focusing on the specific investment behavior and decision-making model of the capital market, basing on the decision-making perspective of demands, to learn through accounting analysis, behavioral research, internal control, financial risks, etc. Reconstruct participants’ method of thinking in investment and financing decisions so as to effectively identify and to avoid risks, and further to improve institution’s operational efficiency and their return on investment

Strategic Frontier & Core Decision-Making

Under a market environment where numerous data and information is easily accessible, ability to make quick and accurate decisions seems crucial while rather difficult. Cutting through a business and management perspective, this module helps participants learn how to conduct effective data analysis and market proposition. Curriculum covers areas such as business statistics, data analysis and business decision-making, market proposition, and differentiation strategies etc., with involvement of in-depth analysis and discussion in conjunction with case studies. It ultimately helps participants to improve their decision-making capability accurately and effectively.

Participant Profile

  • Decision makers within financial institutions or large corporates
  • Senior-level executives in financial institutes
  • Executives working in roles of making investment decisions and financing strategies
  • High-potential professionals whose career need to significantly advance their knowledge of finance
  • Senior management who are willing to widen their horizons and career mobility demands greater expertise to expand global business