Open Enrollment Programs

Top Executive Series
Course Module/days
SAIF CEO Program: Leading the Future 2.5 years
Shaping the Future:Health Program 1.5 years
Financial Management Series
Course Module/days
SAIF-Wharton AFP 2 years
Executive Finance Program(EFP) 2.5 years
General Manager Course 28 days
International Experiment Program 2 years
Frontier Practice Series
Course Module/days
CCMI-SAIF Chief Investment Officer Training Program 21 days
Family Office Chief Investment Officer Program 12 days
Alumni Series
Course Module/days
Post-EMBA Program 18 months
Post-DBA Frontier Seminars 3 years
Overseas Series Series
Course Module/days
Global Expansion:Singapore/Indonesia 7 days
Cutting-edge Science: London/Cambridge 7 days
Technology Innovation:San Francisco/Silicon Valley 7 days
Single Module Programs
Course Commencement
ESG and Corporate Social Responsibilities 2 days
Data Reconstruction of Business: Innovation of Internet Business Models 2 days
Financial Risk Management 2 days
Technological Innovation and Investment 2 days
Digital Business, Intelligent Technology, and Youth Markets 2 days
Financial Strategy and Capital Operations 2 days
Cutting-edge Sci-Tech Innovation and Investment Practices 2 days
Equity Structure and Incentive Mechanisms of Sci-Tech Enterprises 2 days
Framework and Core Values of Family Wealth Management 2 days
Game Strategy and Business Thinking 2 days
World Politics and Characteristics of the Era of Change 2 days
Zen and Decision-making 2 days
Macroeconomics of China: Hotspots, Context, and Reform 2 days
Global Macroeconomic Development, Policies, and Investment Applications 2 days
Practicalities of Domestic Enterprise Listing 2 days
Fixed Income Securities 2 days

The information of the programs is subject to change by SAIF without notice.
SAIF reserves the right of final interpretation.