Open Enrollment Programs

Top Executive Series
Course Module/days
SAIF CEO Program: Leading the Future 8 modules
Financial Management Series
Course Module/days
International Experiment Program 18 modules
General Manager Course:Enterprises Energized by Finance 28 days
Executive Finance Program (EFP) Start date: Sept. 2022
Frontier Practice Series
Course Module/days
Advanced Programs for HR Executives 4 modules
Family Office Chief Investment Officer Program 6 modules
Entrepreneurs in the High-Tech Industry 24 days
Single Module Programs
Course Commencement
Financial Risk Management 2 days
Issues on China's Stock Market 2 days
Listing Practice for Domestic Enterprises 2 days
Fixed Income Securities 2 days
Macroeconomy 2 days
New Situation of Global Politics & Economics 2 days
Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact Investing 2 days
Innovative Management of Enterprises 2 days
Finance & Law 2 days
Performance Evaluation and Incentive Mechanism 2 days
Core Value of Family Wealth Management 2 days
Business Analysis & Experimental Design 2 days

The information of the programs is subject to change by SAIF without notice.
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* Courses added in 2018

The schedule of the courses is subject to change by the institute.