International Modules

The SAIF EE program attaches great importance to the inclusion of forward-looking and global perspectives in course design and has integrated top global educational resources to develop premier courses that will empower students to navigate global challenges. With its strong academic and professional influence, it has built collaboration with world-class institutes, including: MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Yale School of Management, Wharton, UC Berkeley, London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London, HEC Lausanne, and IE Business School. Backed by a global network of prominent partners, the program builds a global learning platform for executives of financial institutions and other business leaders who aspire for excellence.

Selected international courses offered by SAIF EE program:

Leading the future: SAIF CEO program

Mainly focused on finance but also touching on innovation, political economics, international relations, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and other aspects the course is designed to foster creative thinking and an innovative mindset to enable students to feel the power of reshaping the future. Supported by SAIF's exceptional academic resources and its ability to mobilize a global network of superior resources, associated institutes include: Imperial College London, UC Berkeley, Copenhagen Business School, Stockholm School of Economics, Wharton, Yale School of Management, and the Indian School of Business.

International Finance and Global Leadership: Washington- Georgetown-Wharton School

The course provides students with the opportunity to grasp the essence of the development and evolution in international finance and develop their global vision and financial thinking to build their own strengths and advantages. The course, which is co-developed with Georgetown University and the Wharton School, is designed to: help trainees gain a clear view of the international financial landscape, learn from the United States as a developed financial market, and get a sense of US leadership. Through interaction with top professors and guests from industry, students will acquire frontier knowledge and concepts, develop a thorough understanding of global financial markets and financial risk management, broaden their global horizons, and cultivate innovative and creative thinking. Company visits will provide students with an opportunity to be updated on major business issues, experience the application of innovative technologies, and expand their access to business opportunities in energy, finance, real estate, wealth management, and PE investment in emerging markets.

International Finance and Frontier of Innovation: Silicon Valley – UC Berkeley

Based in UC Berkeley, the course exposes trainees to the latest trends and findings in science shared by leading professors with an aim to identify the forces driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will also visit Silicon Valley to experience the interaction of creative ideas while exploring cutting edge fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, new energy, and block chain.