Program Curriculum

Core Courses

• Global Financial System — Financial Markets and Financial Institutions

• Finance and Law / Behavioral Finance

• Enterprise Risk Management

• Global Financial System — Institutional Investment

• Organizational Design to Improve Institutional Performance and Innovation

• Financial Decision Making

• Corporate Global Strategy

• Platform Economics and Experimental Design

• Financial Innovation

• Challenges in Corporate Finance and Governance

• Blockchain Analytics and Fintech

• Global Macroeconomic Policy

• Statistics and Big Data

• Financial Analysis of Scientific-Technical Innovation Enterprises

• Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Transformation

Advanced Seminars

• With a focus on economics, finance and management, the seminars invite Chinese and global business leaders, government policy makers, professors and scholars to interact with students.

• Visits to multinational corporations (MNCs), financial institutions, and governmental organizations in the United States and Europe are arranged in order to acquire a deeper understanding of their management models, back-office operations, and governance structures.

• The seminars will be offered throughout the 3-year program and constitute an integral part of the program that will promote the exchange of ideas, build understanding of issues of interest, and help students to develop frameworks for their academic papers and research.


• The topic will be determined within the first year, with an emphasis on both theoretical and practical significance.

• The advisory team will introduce the research methodology and provide ongoing guidance.

• Students will present their paper drafts at the workshops to get feedback from peers and professors, and explore the fundamental principles behind the subject in question.

• Creative breakthroughs will be pursued through continuous exchanges, challenges, and communication.

• With the regular guidance of the advisory team, students will actualize their theoretical findings.

• Thesis and defense will be completed through continuous improvement and verification.

• Final papers will be put together as a white paper to inform decision making.

Program Arrangement

• This is a 3-year program.

• Students will gather together for 2-4 days every one or two months, mostly in Beijing and Shanghai.

• It includes two 10-day learning modules that will be conducted in the United States and Europe.t

• The course will be taught in Mandarin, and the thesis and defense will also be conducted in Mandarin.

• The abstract shall be provided in both Mandarin and English.