Appointment of Professors to the Shanghai Finance Society


During a recent General Assembly and the First Meeting of the 11th Council, the Shanghai Finance Society successfully conducted its general election. Notable attendees included Penghui Jin, Deputy Director of the People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters and President of the previous Council. The meeting was also attended by 268 representatives from member organizations, academia, and industry.

The agenda of the meeting included a report on the achievements of the 10th Shanghai Finance Society Council and the election process for the 11th Council. The newly formed Council is comprised of 130 members, with 41 of them serving as executive members. Hui Sun, Deputy Director of the People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters, was elected as the President of the 11th Council.

We are pleased to announce that Professor Qigui Zhu, Secretary of the CPC SAIF Committee, has been elected as the Vice President of the Shanghai Finance Society. Additionally, Professor Yongxiang Wang, a distinguished finance scholar from SAIF, has been appointed as a member of the new Council.

During the General Assembly, a revised constitution and working system for the Shanghai Finance Society were successfully passed. This important milestone sets up a foundation for future operations and initiatives of the society.

With the appointment of esteemed professionals, such as Professor Qigui Zhu and Professor Yongxiang Wang, and the implementation of a revised constitution and working system, the Shanghai Finance Society is well-positioned to continue its mission of advancing financial knowledge and promoting excellence in the field.