• LI, William

    Professor of Management

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    Yaqian Ding

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    Industrial and Business Statistics, Experiment Design, Business Analytics and Big Data, FinTech.

Professor William Li is currently a professor of management at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Prior to joining SAIF in 2018, Professor Li was a tenured full professor and Eric Jing Professor in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He was also an invited professor at the School of Management at Fudan University.

Professor William Li's papers are published in leading journals in the field of applied statistics, especially in the top journals recognized in the field of experimental design (e.g., Technometrics, Journal of the American Statistics Association). He is co-author of a widely used statistics textbook, “Applying Linear Statistical Model” (5th edition)”, which has been also cited many times in academia. In recognition of Professor Li's academic contributions, he was awarded the Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2013. Professor Li has extensive teaching experiences and has won the Excellent Teaching Awards five times at the University of Minnesota. In his first year of service at SAIF, he won the 2019 SAIF Teaching Award.

Professor Li received his bachelor degree in applied mathematics from Tsinghua University and his master's and doctorate degrees in statistics from the University of Waterloo.

Journal Publications

1. Chen, K., Linderman, K., Su, H.C., and Li., W., 2024, Last-Minute Coordination: Adapting to Demand to Support Last-Mile Operations, Journal of Operations Management.

2. He, L., Li, W., Song, D., and Yang, M., 2022, A Systematic View of Information-Based Optimal Subdata Selection: Algorithm Development, Performance Evaluation, and Application in Financial Data, Statistica Sinica.

3. Zhou, Qi, William Li, and Hongquan Xu, 2023, Utilizing Individual Clear Effects for Intelligent Factor Allocations and Design Selections, Journal of Quality Technology.

4. Chen, Ping-Yang, Ray-Bing Chen, Jui-Pin Li, and William Li, 2022, Particle Swarm Exchange Algorithms with Applications in Generating Optimal Model-Discrimination Designs, Quality Engineering.

5. Bi, Xuan, Gediminas Adomavicius, William Li, and Annie Qu, 2022, Improving Sales Forecasting Accuracy: A Tensor Factorization Approach with Demand Awareness, Informs Journal on Computing.

6. Chen, Kedong, William Li, and Sijian Wang, 2020, An Easy-to-Implement Hierarchical Standardization for Variable Selection under Strong Heredity Constraint, Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.

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