CHIU, Tzu-Kuan
Term Professor
  • Prof. Chiu holds a doctorate degree in finance from Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining the faculty at SAIF, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014, she taught at California State University in the U.S. and Central University and worked for corporations in New Jersey. In her previous affiliations, she served a number of administrative positions to lead the university advancement center and the university museum.

    She has been involved in research as well consulting projects in ESG investing, climate finance, sustainability rating, impact measurement and management, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility with companies, government agencies, and security exchanges.

    Prof. Chiu serves as an independent director on the board of numerous for-profit corporations, including Compeq Manufacturing Co., and Founder-Fubon Securities Co. She also sits on several not-for-profit boards, including the Lida Academic Foundation, and the S.F. Hu Educational Foundation. Prof Chiu was a founding member of the Business Ethics Advancement Council in the Greater China, and a co-founder of the Sustainable Finance Forum, a top-tier global forum with the mission to facilitate ESG-related dialogues and collaborations between academics and practitioners in Asia.

    Prof. Chiu teaches courses at the MF, MBA, and EMBA levels in sustainable finance, climate finance, impact investing, finance ethics, investments, and ESG and corporate social responsibility. She is very articulate and has a strong passion for teaching, which has brought her numerous teaching awards both inside and outside the university over the past decade. She is a well-known columnist, writing short essays on ESG-related issues for financial magazines.

    Prof. Chiu has authored and edited books in ESG investing, sustainable finance, corporate governance, corporate finance, and business ethics, and has published research paper in the field of sustainable finance, impact investing, and corporate social responsibility in academic journals such as the Management Review, and the Journal of Business Ethics. In addition, she has developed teaching cases in financial inclusion, impact investing, and capital market for the Harvard Business Publishing.

    Prof. Chiu was a pioneer in developing ESG rating framework for emerging countries with a lack of data. She developed the first ESG database in emerging countries more than a decade ago. In addition to her profound interest in sustainable finance, Prof. Chiu has a life-time interest in Confucianism. She is involved in the modernization of Confucianism by combining the traditional doctrine with contemporary management science.

  • Research Interests
    Sustainable finance, climate finance, impact investing, investments, corporate social responsibility.

    Journal Publications
    1. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, and C. Huang, 2019, The Effects of Governance Structures on Corporate Social Responsibility, Sun Yat-Sen Management Review.

    2. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2017, Factors Influencing Microfinance Engagements by Formal Financial Institutions, Journal of Business Ethics.

    3. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, and Yi-Hsin Wang, 2015, Determinants of Social Disclosure Quality in Taiwan: An Application of Stakeholder Theory, Journal of Business Ethics.

    4. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2014, Putting Responsible Finance to Work for Citi Microfinance, Journal of Business Ethics.

    Working Papers
    1. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2019, For-profit organizations with a mandated social mission: An analysis of China's microcredit companies. Journal of Business Ethics, R&R, third run.

    2. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2017, Family Control, Governance Structures, and CSR.

    3. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2017, Board Diversity and Its Effect on Social Performance.

    4. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, H. Chih, Y. Chen, and J. Chiu, 2014, Socially responsible investing and short-termism in capital markets.

    5. Chiu, Tzu-Kuan, 2014, A Solution to the Data Issue for Emerging Economies: A Baseline Corporate Social Responsibility Database for Taiwan.

  • Sustainable Finance, Impact Investing, Ethics in Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility