2019 International Conference on FinTech Launched at SAIF


On June 10-11th, 2019 International Conference on FinTech was held at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). It was co-sponsored by SAIF, China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR), CAFR FinTech Research Center, SJTU School of Mathematical Sciences, SJTU Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, the National University of Singapore (NUS) Suzhou Research Institute, NUS Research Institute of Risk Management, NUS Quantitative Finance Center and Digital Finance.

The conference welcomed over 260 participants, including representatives from research institutions in China, the United States, Singapore, Germany, and Switzerland; leading FinTech companies in China; and traditional financial institutions at home and abroad. The two-day event consisted first day industry-oriented programs and second day academic discussion on the shortlisted papers. Prof. David Li, Professor of Finance at SAIF, Associate Director of CAFR, Director of CAFR FinTech Research Center and Chairman of the Conference, presided over the event. Prof. Chun Chang, Executive Dean at SAIF, Prof. Weidong Liu, Deputy Dean of SJTU School of Mathematical Sciences; and Prof. Min Dai, Director of NUS Quantitative Finance Center and Co-chairman of the Conference, addressed opening speeches.

As one of the co-sponsors, CAFR FinTech Research Center was founded on April 20, 2019, dedicated to building a world-class think tank and an open research platform in the area of FinTech. It is a pioneer and promoter of theoretical and practical FinTech research in China and worldwide. It is committed to carry out research on policies, theories, methods, and applications in the field of FinTech to: drive FinTech-related academic and practical interaction; create an exchange mechanism and platform in line with international standards; cultivate high-end managers and professionals urgently needed by the FinTech industry; facilitate the integration of industry, education, and research” in FinTech; and build up a FinTech ecosystem. Prof. David Li, Professor of Finance at SAIF and Associate Director of CAFR, serves as Director of CAFR FinTech Research Center.