2022 Financial Law Excellence Program Held


On January 16th, the closing ceremony of the 2022 Financial Law Excellence Program was held online. The program was jointly organized by SAIF, the Shanghai Financial Court (SFC), the Shanghai Municipal People's Prosecutor's Office (SPP), the SAIF EED Program, and the China Center for Law and Finance (CCLF) of CAFR.

After the last lecture on "green finance", given by Professor Tzukuan Chiu (Academic Director of the Sustainable Finance Development Fund), the closing ceremony was held. Professor Ning Zhu (Professor of Finance, Deputy Dean at SAIF, Director of the Sustainable Finance Development Fund, Director of CCLF), Shengping Dai (Deputy Director of SFC Political Department), Xiaojun Gu (Director of the Fourth Procuratorate Department of SPP), and Xintian Chang (Deputy Director of the Education and Training Department of SPP) attended the ceremony; it was presided over by Yile Chu (Secretary General of CCLF).

Xiaojun Gu expressed his gratitude to SAIF for the rich and practical curriculum. He pointed out that since the Shanghai Financial Prosecution had been established 10 years ago, being able to work with SAIF and the SFC had not only enhanced its comprehensive capability for financial case handling, but it had also strongly promoted training for finance-law talent. "The program is a success, and it can be replicated and extended. It provides a new path for our rule-of-law talent training." Gu also hoped that the participants would study hard, apply hard-gained knowledge to actual practice, and take initiative in their future work.

On behalf of Yong Wen (Member of the CPC SFC Committee, Director of the Political Department of SFC), Shengping Dai expressed his gratitude for the full support of SAIF, the wonderful lectures by experts and scholars, and the careful course design by the course teaching team. He endorsed the achievements of the program jointly developed by the Financial Court and SAIF over the past two years, and hoped that both sides would further deepen cooperation and exchange, improve joint talent training mechanisms, and accelerate the construction of a high-level finance-law talent base.

Professor Ning Zhu delivered a speech at the closing ceremony on behalf of SAIF. He congratulated all the students on their successful graduation, and expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the SPP and SFC, and to the students for their support and dedication. Zhu pointed out that the training of finance-law talent was a long-term and gradual process. SAIF and SPP had jointly explored and developed top curriculum and teaching methods, making the program a model for China. He said that SAIF would organize a large number of teachers every year to innovate teaching methods in order to remain close to business realities. Next year, the course will be open to participants from the whole Yangtze River Delta; further improvements will be made regarding the course content and teaching format, from multiple aspects.

The program has been held for two consecutive sessions thus far. In the future, SAIF will continue to play to its own advantages in talent training and think tank, and work together with SFC and SPP to better serve the construction of Shanghai as an International Finance Center.