How to Make a Profound Impression to the Employers in Interview?


Title:How to Make a Profound Impression to the Employers in Interview?

Time:Thu, 2014-09-11 07:31 - 07:31

On April 10, 2014, the lecture on job hunting was carried out at the classroom of SAIF MF program, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Concerning various problems the students meet in the interview for job hunting, Norman, the employment lecturer, shared with students about successful and efficient interview experience and skills through explanation and examples.

Norman Yan, the lecturer, has worked in the financial industry in China, Asia and North America for over twenty years and had remarkable accomplishments. Now, he serves as the global CEO and director of Xinhua Index in FTSE (Financial Times and London Stock Exchange).

Norman provided the employment guidance to the students from the following aspects:

What kind of people does the employer want? Norman summarized the general thought of employers from his own interview experience: “Employers want to know how you think.”

In the interview, employers will ask various strange questions. Tesla Motors once asked such a question: “You are on a raft which is in a tank filled with water. Will the water level in the tank rise or decline when you anchor out of the raft?” Do not just answer rise or decline. Actually, there is no standard answer for such question. The rising and declining of water level depends on many factors. For example, is the anchor in or outside the tank? Will the raft flow on the water surface or sink underwater? All these will affect the final results. In fact, employers don’t need you to give an answer like the teaching book.What they expect is the creative thought you have showed in such process and your personality traits.

Therefore, to make a profound impression to the employer in the interview, you shall think what he wants, and what aspects he wants to know from you in his view at first. In this way, you can half the work with double results.

For finding a job, you can win only after knowing yourself and your opponent. Therefore, of course knowing the employer is important, and knowing yourself is also necessary. Each one should have a clear understanding about himself. Such understanding is reflected in three aspects:ability, enthusiasm and your value to the employer.

First of all, starting from the view of ability, you should have the needed hard power suitable to the industry of the employer, including the professional skills and special occupational skills. Hard skills are the threshold of ability. Meanwhile, you should also have your own soft power which includes richer content and is a necessary skill for getting along with people, such as communication ability. The active and effective communications are considered as the key to win the employer’s trust. At last, an important factor of judgment ability is acknowledgement and judgment. To make the most reasonable decision and judgment when many factors are not assured is also just the quintessence of case analysis for anchoring result of Tesla Motors.

On the basis that knowing your own ability, you shall know your inner heart. What’s your interest and enthusiasm? Only a job bringing you joy and income may be permanent and grants you with better development opportunity. So, the best way to ask your inner heart is “supposed you were given with one million yuan, what would you do”. The answer is in your heart. After you know your ability and interest, you shall think what value you can create for others, think what you can use your own advantages to do for others and how to overcome your own shortcomings to prove your own value and practice your own value. All in all, the other side of success is sufficient preparation and timely opportunity, and opportunities usually are left to the ones with preparation.

After the lecture is finished, the students still asked questions actively and conducted the deep exchange with the lecturer concerning the problems which may be met in many job hunting cases, and Norman also made the explanation patiently. The students all felt they could not only learn the professional knowledge of finance, but also improve the soft skills at the classroom of SAIF MF. All these make people enjoy the lifetime benefits.