China Academy of Finance Research (CAFR)


China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) is the open research platform and high-end think tank with international level founded relying on Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF). CAFR in SAIF is to help all sectors of society solve major financial problems and challenges by applying modern financial economic theory and practice experience and provide the innovative thoughts, programs, products and technologies meeting the needs of market and policy to the construction and development of China’s modern financial market. 

SAIF CAFR has an international first-rate research team composed of more than 50 famous financial scholars, senior government officers and officials of financing institutions home and abroad in total at present. This team not only has the global vision and has a good knowledge of the financial theory and practice, but also deeply understands Chinese market. In the just two years since SAIF CAFR was founded, it has obtained rich achievements: publishing more than 20 articles in international top magazines; completing 14 researches on major financial problems involved with the international, national and regional level; “Chinese Summer Institute of Finance” founded by it has become the most influential academic communication platform for finance in China; “Shanghai Finance Forum” organized by it has become the high-end communication platform for Shanghai to construct the international financial center.

SAIF CAFR attaches great importance to the long-term cooperation with all sectors of society. At present, the financial institutes we have established the cooperation relations with include: Shanghai headquarter of People's Bank of China, Wind Information, Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission, Financial Service Office of Shanghai City, and Shanghai Financial Association. In the future, CAFR will carry out the wide and deep cooperation with all sectors of society continuously.