Industrial Mentor Plan


SAIF MF program is always devoted to establishing the strategic cooperation relation with the financial industry and providing more high-quality industrial resources for students accordingly, allowing them to closely keep pace with the demand and development of the industry either in classroom learning, skills training or personal career development.

The cooperation of SAIF with the industry not only rests on school and each teaching project level, but also covers every student deeply. To help every student develop better and broaden students’ industrial vision, SAIF recruits nearly 100 senior administrative personnel with rich industrial experience and successful experience from the famous enterprises and institutes in financial industry as the industrial mentors of the students. Each industrial mentor only coach one to two students on average. 

SAIF organizes the exchange meeting for industrial mentors and students. However, the communication efficiency and contact degree between mentors and students more depend on the students’ sociability. These industrial mentors will not only become the students’ good teachers in career development, but also may become good friends of students in life, which is a great help to the future development of SAIF MF students.