SAIF 2024 Annual Board Meeting Held


The Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance convened its annual board meeting on February 3rd, 2024. The esteemed gathering, presided over by Qing Wu (Deputy Party Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee) and concluded with a speech by the chairman, saw a fruitful exchange of ideas regarding SAIF's progress and future roadmap.
The meeting welcomed prominent delegates, including Ping Wang (Deputy Secretary-General), Jun Gu (Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission), Yaming Zhou (Director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), and leaders from various educational and financial institutions. Notably present were:
Huajie Wang (Director of the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau)
Changsheng Tao (Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Financial Committee Office)
Zhenbin Yang (Secretary of the CPC SJTU Committee)
Kuiling Ding (President of SJTU)
Guangshao Tu (Executive Director of SAIF Board)
Xinghao Jiang (Vice President of SJTU)
Jiang Wang (Professor at SAIF)
Professors Shijun Cheng (Executive Dean) and Xinghao Jiang presented the 2023 annual work report, highlighting SAIF's achievements and sparking discussion on strategic plans for 2024. Notably, Professor Jun Pan (SAIF Chair Professor) was appointed as the new Chair of the Faculty Council.
In his concluding remarks, Chairman Wu put forth three suggestions to guide SAIF's work in the coming year:
1. SAIF's primary task must be to serve the national strategy and Shanghai's construction as a global "Five-Center" city.
2. SAIF must continue building itself into a world-class financial think tank.
3. SAIF should innovate its professor system to attract top faculty, strengthen academic disciplines, and train talented graduates.