2023 SAIF Commencement: Celebrating Academic Achievement at SJTU


The 2023 SAIF Commencement Ceremony took place on July 1st at the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). This significant event was attended by nearly 1,000 graduates, esteemed SJTU leaders, and faculty representatives. Among the notable attendees were Kuiling Ding, President of SJTU and Deputy Secretary of the CPC SJTU Committee; Guangshao Tu, Executive Director of SAIF; Jiang Wang, Executive Director and Chair of Academic Council of SAIF; Jinhua Cheng, Vice Dean of the Graduate School of SJTU; Shijun Cheng, Executive Dean of SAIF; and Qigui Zhu, Secretary of the CPC SAIF Committee. The ceremony was skillfully hosted by Tan Wang, Deputy Dean of SAIF.

With a cohort comprised of 535 graduates from the Class of 2022 and 435 graduates from the Class of 2023, hailing from SAIF's MF, MBA, EMBA, GES, and PhD programs, this was the largest commencement since SAIF's establishment. The graduates, whether present in person or attending virtually, shared in the joyous occasion.

At the commencement ceremony, Professor Guangshao Tu offered his heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of the Classes of 2022 and 2023. Reflecting on the learning experiences of the graduates during their time at SAIF, Tu highlighted four key dimensions: the significance of SAIF in the graduates' decision to choose the institution, the shared experiences they had at SAIF, the aspirations they hold for their post-graduation futures, and their sense of identity as SAIF alumni. Additionally, Tu provided an overview of the progress SAIF has made in teaching, scientific research, and talent cultivation. He encouraged the graduates to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired at SAIF in their future careers.

Bowen Wan, a representative from the MF Class of 2021, and Mingmei Liu, a representative from the PhD Class of 2017, delivered inspiring speeches on behalf of the graduates. They urged their fellow graduates to harness their acquired knowledge and influence to create meaningful changes within themselves and the world, while emphasizing the importance of value creation.

Notably, during the ceremony, forty outstanding graduates from the Classes of 2022 and 2023 were honored with the prestigious "Shanghai Outstanding Graduate" award, while seventy-seven graduates received the esteemed "SJTU Outstanding Graduate" award. Distinguished figures such as Quiling Ding, Guangshao Tu, Jiang Wang, Jinhua Cheng, Shijun Cheng, Qigui Zhu, Hong Yan, Feng Li, and Eric Chieh Chang presented these awards to the accomplished graduates.

In its commitment to fostering connections and providing alumni support, the SAIF Alumni Association introduced new Class Ambassadors during the ceremony. Feng Li and Yong Chang presented appointment certificates to 20 deserving individuals who will take on this important role.

Representing the SAIF alumni, Jianjun Wang, Executive President of the SAIF Alumni Association and Founder and Chairman of Zehai Group, extended a warm welcome to the new graduates. Wang encouraged them to actively engage in future activities and consider joining the association's service team, thereby perpetuating and advancing the distinguished culture of SAIF alumni.

The high point of the ceremony was the Certificate Awarding Ceremony, wherein Qigui Zhu, Hong Yan, Feng Li, Tan Wang, Eric Chieh Chang, Fei Wu, Rui Kan, and Stanley Chang collectively presented the graduation certificates. This heartfelt moment was commemorated with photographs taken alongside the esteemed presenters.