SAIF Greater Bay Area Center Launched


On March 19th, SAIF held the “New Future in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)” summit in Shenzhen. The enrollment of the 2024 MBA GBA Class and the SAIF Greater Bay Area Center was then launched, simultaneously.

Shijun Cheng (Executive Dean, Professor of Accounting at SAIF) said that SAIF MBA GBA Class has a high-quality faculty and support team, and is supported by the officially launched Greater Bay Area Center. SAIF will utilize its international talent cultivation system to promote high-quality development of the GBA.

SAIF MBA Program started its GBA Class enrollment for the first time in 2021, becoming the first MBA program in China to offer courses in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The program will combine the advantages of the three megacities to provide students with a deep learning experience from classroom to enterprise, and from theory to practice. By sharing alumni resources, it will also build a communication platform for interaction between students, schools, and enterprises which will help further to broaden horizons and enhance cooperation. 

At the launching ceremony, Professor Eric C. Chang (MBA Program Academic Director at SAIF) posited that SAIF provides not only financial knowledge but also specialized education to improve students’ capability, thus empowering industry. SAIF’s curriculum focuses on the international and ESG perspectives of social and economic development. For the GBA Class, SAIF will offer a number of “Science and Innovation” courses to help meet the urgent needs of talent development for the GBA. In addition to the formal courses, the program also provides a CGFT course and an individual industry mentor to help students with their academic and professional development.