SAIF Conducted Faculty Recruitment at ASSA Annual Meeting


In early 2023, SAIF attended the Allied Social Science Association Annual Meeting (ASSA Annual Meeting) in New Orleans, and held a reception with the support of the American Finance Association (AFA) to recruit global young professors.

SAIF has always been recruiting top faculty worldwide. It was the only Chinese business school that held a special reception at the ASSA Annual Meeting this year.

During the annual meeting, SAIF Professor Team interviewed 26 candidates online from a rigorous selection pool of nearly 200 applicants.

The ASSA Annual Meeting is one of the world’s largest academic social and science meetings consisting of AEA, AFA, ES, and 64 other related societies. This year, more than 13,000 economists attended the meeting. It not only provides a platform for academic exchange, but also offers an important channel for graduates of Economics, Finance, and Management in North America to apply for jobs.