2022 Shanghai Finance Talents Workshop Held at SAIF


On November 5th, entrusted by the Shanghai Finance Party Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, the 2022 Shanghai Finance Talents Workshop was held at SAIF.

The Workshop was inaugurated in 2021, aiming to further strengthen the cultivation of specialized Shanghai financial talent with political equity, macro insights, and professional capability for the construction of Shanghai as an International Financial Center. This year’s workshop was divided into two stages: Centralized Study and Group Study. Centralized Study focused upon the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, guiding participants in service of the country. In the Group Study stage, which aims to enhance macro thinking and professional skills, the participants were divided into a Leader Group and a Youth Group, with “New Pattern of China’s Economy” and "Construction of Shanghai as an International Financial Center" as the themes, respectively. A total of 93 individuals, selected from 62 units of the Shanghai financial system, participated in the Workshop.

Developing top financial talent and policy think tanks, with a concordant world-class faculty and an open research platform, has always been SAIF’s mission. SAIF and its affiliated institutes, CAFR and SAIFR, are committed to providing multi-faceted policy advice, intellectual support, and comprehensive services for the development of government departments and the financial industry. Based upon frontier international financial innovation, CAFR and SAIFR focus on academic research, policy research, and applied research, respectively.

According to statistics, from 2021 to October 2022, SAIF has undertaken and completed 43 think tank projects and 27 decision-making consultancy reports entrusted by the government. In the future, SAIF will strengthen its teaching and research capabilities to promote the construction of Shanghai as an International Financial Center and the reform and opening up of China’s development.