Shanghai International Financial Center Construction Series Report 2022 Released by SAIF


On November 26th, Shanghai International Financial Center Construction Series Report 2022 (the Report) was released at the 2022 Shanghai International Financial Center (SIFC) Development Forum. The forum was organized by SAIF and co-organized with CCTV Shanghai, the Shanghai Xuhui District People’s Government, and the Shanghai Finance Society.

To further promote the construction of the SIFC, SAIF Think Tank organized relevant internal and external experts to set up a special project team. Based on previous projects (Thematic Study on the Revision Project of Regulations on Promoting the Construction of SIFC and SIFC Construction Goals and Development Suggestions) and on development goals proposed in the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Construction of SIFC, the team focused on deepening the financial functions of SIFC and upon the enhancement of Shanghai’s urban capacity. The team summarized the construction experience and development status in key areas of SIFC, analyzed problems encountered in the construction process, and proposed further initiatives for the construction of the SIFC.

In 2023, SAIF will release the SAIF-China Economic and Financial Database and the SAIF- International Business Case.

The SAIF-China Economic and Financial Database provides complete, rigorous, professional and comparable economic data in order to provide a global authority on China’s financial research and to promote China as a global financial research hub.

The SAIF-International Business Case is a collection of case studies on Business Finance, mainly used for finance teaching, practice and popularization. It aims to build an international and localized top-case resource pool, which will cover key industries of social and economic operation and related financial service areas, including, but not limited to: Platform Economy, Asset Management, Family Wealth, FinTech, Technical Finance, and Science & Innovation Parks.