2022 Shanghai International Financial Center Development Forum Held and Reported by CCTV


On November 26 2022, the Shanghai International Financial Center Development Forum was held in Shanghai. The forum was organized by SAIF, and co-organized with CCTV Shanghai, the Shanghai Xuhui District People’s Government and the Shanghai Finance Society. Experts, scholars, and representatives of financial institutions were invited to express their insights on “New Journey of Shanghai International Financial Center Construction: Institutional Opening Up and High-Quality Development”. The forum was also reported on by CCTV News.

During the forum, the International Financial Center (IFC) Development Report 2022 and the Shanghai International Financial Center (SIFC) Construction Series Report 2022 were released. These reports macroscopically interpreted initiatives and achievements during IFC and SIFC construction, respectively.

The forum also witnessed the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between CCTV Shanghai and SAIF, the inauguration of the Sustainable Investment Research Center (SIRC) of SAIF, and the establishment of the West Bund Green Finance Alliance. SIRC aims to become a research hub and policy think tank in sustainable investment in China, as well as a high-end talent base for developing a new generation of investors and asset managers.

Many other themes were discussed during the forum, including “How to promote the transformation and development of the real economy with Green Finance”, “How to improve the resource allocation system of Green Finance”, and “How to support the structural adjustment of Green Industry”.

The Shanghai Green Finance Index was also released which reflects the overall performance of Green Finance in Shanghai. It creatively develops both the Shanghai Green Finance Current Performance Index and the Shanghai Green Finance Social Awareness Index based upon one assessment framework and two sets of methodologies. Both overall scores show that Shanghai is doing well in Green Finance.