SAIF PhD Graduates Joining the Tenure Track at Domestic Universities


Recently, Zhe Geng, a 2022 PhD graduate from SAIF, received a teaching offer from the School of Management of Fudan University. Two other PhD graduates, Xiaoming Li and Mingmei Liu, also received offers from the University of International Business and Economics and Jinan University, respectively. They all joined the tenure track.

In fact, since Chinese universities have tried to implement the tenure track faculty system, most of the newly recruited professors are PhD graduates in relevant fields from famous overseas universities. So, what makes PhD students from SAIF stand out among so many Finance PhD returnees ?

Zhe Geng said, “Thanks to the academic training and encouragement from my supervisors, Professors Jun Pan and Tan Wang, during my PhD, as well as the guidance from Professors Jiang Wang and Darrell Duffie, I was able to get the offer from Fudan University. I also want to express my gratitude to SAIF’s international cultivation model and the whole faculty team.”

As for the three PhD graduates entering the tenure track of top universities in China this year, Nengjiu Ju (Professor of Finance, PhD Program Academic Director at SAIF) said, “It shows that SAIF PhD graduates basically have the strength to compete with PhD students from famous overseas universities at the same level. It also shows that SAIF PhD program has been recognized by peers.”