Competitiveness Report 2020 Released by SAIF and SSE


A joint research team composed of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Capital Market Research Institute of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) recently released the "Global Capital Market Competitiveness Report (2020)”. It shows that the competitiveness of China's capital markets have been improved significantly, and now rank 5th in the world.

As a key component of the modern financial system, capital markets play a significant role in the competition of great world powers. In order to objectively reflect the evolution of China’s capital markets and to accurately benchmark best practices in the world’s major capital markets, the research team focused on major elements of core competency. It developed an evaluation system to assess the competitiveness of worldwide capital markets based upon four dimensions: institutional environment, market size, functionality, and quality. The team studied the world’s Top 20 markets in terms of both real economy and capital market size, and then calculated their capital market competitiveness indices.