SAIF Alumni Support the Fight Against COVID-19


After the outbreak of COVID-19, SAIF Alumni Association published a "Support Initiative" on January 27th, calling on all alumni to act immediately and do their best to make contributions to the people in Hubei and Wuhan, support the tough battle against the epidemic and overcome difficulties together with love and practice.

The Initiative received a warm response from all SAIF alumni. Alumni clubs, classes and enterprises have been positively involved in the move. Statistics shows that as of now, 138 alumni or their companies and 9 classes have donated a total of RMB681 million in cash and materials worth hundreds of millions of RMB, including nearly 340,000 protective suits, 2.97 million masks, 1.36 million pairs of gloves, 1,500 pairs of goggles, 110 tons of medical alcohol, 3,350 tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, 10,000 boxes of testing reagents, 2 anti-epidemic special sanitation vehicles, 1 high-temperature disinfection and anti-epidemic vehicle, 40 heat guns, 338 air purifiers , 30 medical ventilators, 200 negative pressure suction devices, 200 monitors and other daily supplies worth approximately RMB356 million.