SAIF Rings Its Class Bells on the “Cloud”!


On March 1st 2020, SAIF launched a number of cloud-based online courses. The first "Curriculum in March" covered 32 courses, of which 14 courses went alive for MBA and MF students in the first week, involving 17 classes and around 850 students. 

In addition to the new hardware system, the changes in the form of teaching also posed challenges to the faculty. In this regard, Prof. Hong Yan, Deputy Dean of SAIF, explained, "Before the start of the curriculum, we have conducted several rounds of communication with all the involved professors, who have adjusted the forms of teaching and added the parts of online interaction and Q&As. The trial lectures were also executed in advance. The only purpose is to prevent the potential deterioration of teaching quality due to changes in the teaching forms." More than 70% of the 32 courses launched in March used live streaming technology. The faculty also provided online tutoring to students through after-class interactive communication and Q&A.

Though the COVID-19 temporarily prevents SAIF students from returning to campus, it couldn’t stop their dedication to study, not to mention the commitment and efforts made by SAIF faculty and staff. With the joint efforts, the class bells rang in the cloud will surely be the most beautiful sound in this special spring.