Financial Markets 金融市场
Jun Pan(潘军)
Spring 2019

Course Overview

This course provides an in-depth exploration of key financial markets through an empirically driven approach — using financial data to test and understand financial models.

  • The ultimate goal of the course is to help students develop a love and appreciation for Finance. What is its essence? How does Finance contribute to the larger society?
  • We will cover equity, fixed-income, currency and derivatives. For each of the financial markets, our focus is on the key risk factors in the respective markets and their relation to the broader macro-economic environment. Our approach is to integrate economic insights, empirical data, and statistical (and econometric) tools. Our goal is to help students develop and strengthen their economic intuition and quantitative capability.
  • Additional attention will be given to institutional details of financial markets. For example, who are the major players in the market? What is the impact of government policy and regulations? What are the liquidity conditions? A clear awareness of such issues helps students break the boundary of textbooks and models, and get in touch with the real world.

In the end of this class, you are expected to be solidly grounded in the understanding of the key financial markets, well equipped with the empirical skills and tools necessary for quantitative analyses, and ready to extend the knowledge to other financial markets.