CHEN, Xinlei
Professor of Marketing
  • Xinlei Chen is a Professor of Marketing in Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF). Prior to this, he has served as Professor of Marketing in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), and Associate Professor and Finning Junior Professor of Marketing at the University of British Columbia. He received his B.E. from Tsinghua University and Ph.D. in Marketing from University of Minnesota. 
    Professor Chen's research interest focuses on the industrial organization, market competition, consumer choice, and marketing strategy. He specializes in pricing, branding, channel distribution and advertising and promotion. Articles along these lines appear in the top academic journals such as Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science. Professor Chen was an MSI Young Scholar in 2009, which is granted biennially to some of the most promising scholars in marketing and closely related fields. Besides academic research, Professor Chen is also an expert in business knowledge. His articles appear in major economics and business media such as CAIJING Magazine. He is also columnist for FT China, Fortune China and Wall Street Journal China Edition.
    Professor Chen has extensive experience in teaching and consulting. He has been a Project Manager in Power Generation Industry at China-Machine Building International Co. and ABB. He teaches Marketing Management and Pricing courses in undergraduate, MBA and PHD level in the University of British Columbia, and taught MBA, EMBA and various executive level courses in CKGSB and SAIF.

  • Research Interests
    New Empirical Industry Organization, Learning Models, Structural modeling of consumer choice and firm strategies (pricing, advertising and promotion), Channel Choice, Entertainment Industry (Movie, video game), Social Network.

    Journal Publications
    1. Xiao, Ping, Xinlei Chen, Yuxin Chen, Wei Lu, 2021, Violation Behavior in Vertical Restraint: Empirical Analyses in the Case of Minimum Retail Price Maintenance, International Journal of Research in Marketing.

    2. Xiao, Ping, Ruli Xiao, Sky Liang, Xinlei Chen, and Wei Lu, 2019, The Effects of a Government's Subsidy Program: Accessibility Beyond Affordability, Management Science.

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  • Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing Management, Pricing, Distribution Channel, Branding.