LU, Xiaomeng
Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Xiaomeng Lu is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF). 

    Professor Lu’s research interests include behavioral finance, empirical asset pricing and real estate. Professor Lu won SAIF Teaching Award in 2020.

    Professor Lu obtained her Ph.D. in Economics at Cornell University in 2015.

  • Research Interests
    Behavioral Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, FinTech, Household Finance, Real Estate

    Journal Publications
    1. Gao, George, Xiaomeng Lu, Zhaogang Song, and Hongjun Yan, 2019, Disagreement Beta, Journal of Monetary Economics.

    2. Gao, George, Xiaomeng Lu, and Zhaogang Song, 2018, Tail Risk Concerns Everywhere, Management Science.

    3. Liu, Peng, Xiaomeng Lu, and Tang Ke, 2012, The Determinants of Homebuilder Stock Price Exposure to Lumber: Production Cost versus Housing Demand, Journal of Housing Economics.

    Working Papers
    1. Claire Yurong Hong, Xiaomeng Lu, and Jun Pan, 2020, FinTech Platform and Mutual Fund Distribution.

  • Principles of Finance, International Module